Tennis betting

Are there any win-win strategies?

This is one of the frequently asked questions by bettors. The answer is inexorable: schemes without losses do not exist a priori. But a scientific approach to the game allows you to minimize risks and achieve a stable income.

The best tennis betting strategies

Experts regularly try to develop new approaches to tennis bets. Highlight the most interesting ways to make money on tennis from the authors of advanced betting strategies.

The Shchukin Strategy

In each game, serves are made by only one tennis player, which gives him an advantage. The most important games for players are the games in which the receiver wins. Sometimes two or three games are enough for an overall victory.

It is on breaks that Shchukin’s strategy is based. For its stability, it requires odds of 3 or higher. The strategy consists of a chain of losing bets, which breaks the winning link, with a gradual increase in amounts on the Martingale principle.

There may be more links in cases with odds starting from 4, but six is usually enough to win or at least break even.

Game Betting Strategies

The essence of the scheme is the opposite of Shchukin’s strategy – here it is good for the bettor to look for stable games, in which the athletes will go on their games. For this, the difference in class should be significant, but not critical. Leading cappers do not advise to take matches with a clear favorite from the top ten of the ranking in a confrontation with someone who is far beyond a hundred. A loss in such cases is quite probable. What’s interesting is a solid middle-ranked side that can put up a good fight. He may lose the whole match, but the main thing is to win more than half of his serves at odds starting from 1.6.

Betting on the first point in tennis

The first serving point. A simple strategy that implies that the server will take the first point in a game. It is important to consider:

  • The percentage of double errors by the tennis player;
  • The number of aces he is capable of, based on statistics;
  • the period of the match – if the favorite tends to relax at the first serve, it is better to bet at the beginning of the match;
  • The tactics of the player, his focus on a quick win.

The first point of the receiver. Analysts advise carefully studying the tennis player’s style of play – the percentage of his successful holds in recent matches and break statistics. Individual characteristics are important: their success on hard court, grass or clay, depending on the conditions of the tournament. Proper analysis will give a significant return, because the quotes for the winning reception are most often in the neighborhood of 3.

Total more than 7.5 after the first score 6:0

When playing live tennis, it is not uncommon to lose sets in a blowout. This does not mean that at the moment one of the tennis players is bad. Perhaps, after losing three or four games, he took a rational decision to save strength for the breakthrough. In this case, betting on more than 7.5 in the next set is an almost guaranteed “sure thing”. Confidence should always be supported by a visual picture: it is better to watch the live action – in any case. And in this kind of betting it is important to see what a player is breathing – losing by sheer bad luck, or waving a racket as if he didn’t get enough sleep. It is unlikely that a betting office will let you know about injuries in the course of the game. It will definitely let you know about them if the match is suspended prematurely and the unplayed sets are counted as 6-0, which will make your bet go off.

Playing a tie-break game.

For betting on tie-breaks, the psychological state of the players is of paramount importance. If the day before the tennis player played a solid deficit and made a break, the moral advantage is on his side – he has to bring the case to the right one. It is important to consider the effort put forth by the participants in the confrontation, because the favorite could simply allow himself to relax and get ready for the decisive draws, while the outsider is gnawing at the ground from the last effort.

Also, serve consistency is very important in this segment of the contest, because it’s easier to win back in separate games, and a tiebreak is a potential set loss, especially in men’s games.

The level of the tournament influences the result. It is unlikely that a favorite on the eve of a Grand Slam will give his all in a tie-break in a secondary competition. The underdog, on the other hand, will do everything it can to assert itself.

Playing for total less in ITF tournaments

As the least important, ITF tournaments gather competitors of very different levels – both experienced and beginners. The gradation of rating numbers in such tournaments is very wide – there can be hundreds of positions between competitors. It is not difficult to calculate a clear leader, who does not allow many sets. This will be indicated by the odds on his victory, if it is 1.2 or less.

Another thing is when the quotation is 1.3-1.5. Cappers do not advise in such a case to make a tennis betting on a quick victory of the favorite, because bookmakers in low-grade tournaments sometimes allow incorrect odds due to the questionable statistical sample in this market. It makes sense to take the betting odds in play if initially “something went wrong” or to take the underdog in general, because ITF athletes are famous for their unpredictable actions. Also, cheating is often suspected here, as the prize fund is insignificant, and organizing a “dirty” game is much easier than in team sports – a tennis player does not even need to come to an agreement with someone, just incognito to bet on the totalizator against himself.

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